Asthma Care

Course Information

This course is aimed at carers throughout the whole spectrum of Health & Social care.

Who should attend

All Carers

What they will learn

•To recognise the symptoms of AsthmaTo care effectively for Asthma Sufferers

Course Content

•What is Asthma

•Normal Airways, The Larynx, The Trachea, The Lungs

•Trigger Factors

•Other Respiratory Problems

•Other causes of Airway Obstruction


•Signs & Symptoms of Asthma


•Medications and Use of Aids

•Easi-breathe, Rotahaler, Disk Haler, Accuhaler, Turbo Haler, Peak Flow Meter

•Problem Medicines

•Acute Asthma

Course Duration

1 day


Continuous assessment throughout the day