Presentation Skills

Course Information

Do you want to make an impact when presenting?  This course provides the knowledge required to plan and deliver well-structured, professional presentations, as well as the opportunity to practise and perfect your delivery style. It offers practical techniques to communicate and reinforce a message, allowing you to focus on audience needs and objectives allowing you to gain buy in for your concept or proposal.

Who Should Attend

• For those who want and need to make professional presentations.

Topic Areas Covered 

• Discuss the purpose of presentations and know how to deal with common fears

• Discuss and consider the importance of planning and preparation

• Decide on your message using the 3 W’s – why?, what? , who?

• How to engage an audience by delivering what they need to know

• Look at ways to structure presentations and ‘package’ their message

• Putting it all together by delivering and evaluating a short presentation 

What They Will Learn

By the end of the programme the student will be able to

• Speak to groups with greater confidence and professionalism

• Know how to make an impact, gain ’buy in’ and action from your audience

• Develop a presenting style which appeals to a wider audience

• Be able to interact and adapt to your audiences needs

• Know how to overcome anxiety and boost confidence

• Support their presentations using well designed visual aids

 Course Duration

One Day


Continuous assessment throughout the day