Asthma Care

Course Information

This course is aimed at carers throughout the whole spectrum of Health & Social Care.

Who should attend

All Carers

What they will learn

  • To recognise the symptoms of Asthma
  • To care effectively for Asthma Sufferers

Course Content

  • What is Asthma
  • Normal Airways, The Larynx, The Trachea, The Lungs
  • Trigger Factors
  • Other Respiratory Problems
  • Other causes of Airway Obstruction
  • Investigations
  • Signs & Symptoms of Asthma
  • Treatment 
  • Medications and Use of Aids
  • Easi-breathe, Rotahaler, Disk Haler, Accuhaler, Turbo Haler, Peak Flow Meter
  • Problem Medicines
  • Acute Asthma

Course Duration

1 day


Continuous assessment throughout the day