Basic Wound Care

Course Information

This course is aimed at those whose work involves wound care.  This course will give an insight into cleaning wounds, direct pressure, nose bleeds, embedded objects in a wound, blood loss and external bleeding.

Who should attend

All those who are involved in wound care would benefit from this course

Topic Areas Covered

  • The basic fundamentals of wound care
  • Types of wound
  • Treatment
  • Shock
  • Penetration Injuries
  • Bleeds

What They Will Learn

By the end of the programme the student will be able to

  • Define a wound
  • Know the types of wound and basic treatment
  • Recognise types of bleeding
  • Demonstrate application of basic dressings and an elevated sling
  • Explain the affects of blood loss
  • Explain signs, symptoms and treatment for shock

Course Duration

Half Day


Continuous assessment throughout the day