Epi Pen and Anaphylaxis Training

Course Information

This course is designed to teach you how to recognise the signs and symptoms associated with Anaphylaxis and also the safe and effective administration of Epinephrine to a casualty who has been prescribed Epinephrine via an Epi-Pen for instances of Anaphylaxis.

Who Should Attend

Anyone working in a setting where clients or staff may suffer from Anaphylaxis: Nurseries, Schools, Play Groups, After School Clubs, Child Minders and offices etc.

What they will learn

  • The signs and symptoms of Anaphylaxis
  • The safe and effective use of an Epi-pen
  • Recognising what can trigger a severe Allergic Reaction
  • Recognising the difference between a mild and severe Allergic Reaction
  • First Aid Management of a casualty suffering a severe Allergic Reaction

Course Content

  • What allergies are?
  • How they affect the body
  • Definition of Anaphylaxis
  • Triggering factors for Anaphylaxis
  • Recognition of signs and symptoms associated with Anaphylaxis
  • First Aid treatment / management plan for Anaphylaxis
  • Prevention in the childcare setting
  • Administration of Epinephrine with Epi-pen auto injector.

Course Duration

3 Hours


Continuous assessment is used throughout the course. Competency is assessed through the participant's practical demonstration of the administration of the Epi-Pen auto injector with the use of a training auto injector.