Common Induction Standards

Course Information

Common Induction standards have been designed for individuals stepping into Social Care, as well as those people changing roles or perhaps employers within Social Care.

Who Should Attend 

All Adult Social Care practitioners should complete the Common Induction Standards

What They Will Learn

The successful implementation of the Common Induction Standards is an important step towards delivering high quality care and support. This course highlights to new staff members the importance and value of a robust and extensive induction course, as well as preparing them for access to future training and qualifications.

Course Content

The standards provide evidence for mandatory units of the new Health and Social Care Diploma to ensure consistency of procedure for employees

  • Standard 1 Role of the health and social care worker
  • Standard 2 Personal development
  • Standard 3 Communicate effectively
  • Standard 4 Equality and Inclusion
  • Standard 5 Principles for implementing duty of care
  • Standard 6 Principles of safeguarding in health and social care
  • Standard 7 Person-centred support
  • Standard 8 Health and safety in an adult social care setting

Each standard includes areas of information that health & social care employees will need to understand prior to working unsupervised. Managers have a responsibility to make sure new members of staff have sufficient understanding to satisfy the required outcomes in each section. 

Course Duration

2 days


Continuous assessment throughout the programme