Assertiveness and Confidence Building

Course Information

This programme is for those who want to make a greater impact in the workplace by improving their ability to communicate in a confident and assertive manner. Individuals will discover what’s in it for them including increased job satisfaction, increased credibility and improved outcomes.

Who Should Attend

All staff would benefit from this course

What They Will Learn

  • To understand the behaviours and benefits of being assertive
  • To begin to develop assertive and confident behaviours
  • To build and develop effective relationships
  • To identify situations and individuals who impact your ability to act in an assertive and confident way
  • To create a strategy to develop and build confident and assertive behaviour

Course Content

  • What is Assertiveness
  • Are you Assertive?
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • How to handle criticism and give feedback
  • Managing Difficult behaviour
  • What is confidence
  • Your thoughts & responses
  • Assumptions we make
  • Developing a coping strategy

Course Duration

1 day


Continuous assessment throughout the day