Moving and Handling People

Course Information

Lifting is an inevitable part of a typical day. Lifting, picking up and carrying are just a few tasks that require a person's back to be in good shape. The most common cause of low back problems comes from stretching muscles, tendons and ligaments leading to inflammation, swelling and pain. The key to minimizing back pain is prevention.

Who Should Attend

  • Those who need to move people
  • Those who need to update or refresh existing skills.

What they Will Learn

  • The basic fundamentals of moving and handling
  • Why a good handling technique is important
  • How to lift & move safely
  • Use of a hoist
  • Understand a basic risk assessment

Course Content

  • Causes of workplace injury
  • Regulations, practice and responsibility
  • Spinal anatomy and related injuries
  • Moving and lifting techniques
  • Risk assessment and risk reduction

Course Duration

One day


Continuous assessment throughout the day