External Support

To find information about the most common disabilities and long-term conditions, including learning disabilities, mental health conditions, physical disabilities, neurological conditions and sensory impairments. Please check out Remploy’s Disability Guide. It covers an extensive range of conditions, their characteristics and traits, the impact on daily life and considerations for support in the work place:

Disability Guide | Remploy

Interested in finding out more about the brain? The Brain Charity website has lots of information. It has A-Z of conditions and an explanation of the condition. They also provide links to different websites and resources for each condition:

A-Z of Conditions - The Brain Charity

The National Autistic Society Website is the place to go for all your information requirements around autism including up to date statistics!:

Employing autistic people (autism.org.uk)

The ADHD Foundation has a wealth of resources including videos, fact sheets, top tips, and personal stories:

Resources Archive - ADHD Foundation : ADHD Foundation

The Witherslack group offer a range of webinars:

Free SEN Webinars - Autism, ADHD, SEMH - For Parents & Professionals - Witherslack Group

About us - British Dyslexia Association (bdadyslexia.org.uk)

Home (dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk)

For further support information we recommend the following links:

bbcSt johns ambulancebupaalan johnRed cross