Information Advice & Guidance

eduk8 Partnership is committed to delivering an Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) service that provides a range of opportunities for learners, employers and partners to make informed choices about their training and development needs.

IAG is delivered using a client centred approach and using a quality cycle which asks learners for feedback on services received.
The eduk8 Partnership IAG service is delivered at each stage of learning as follows:

  • Pre-Learning choosing a programme with the Learner or provider, that is most suited to the learners needs particularly in terms of location, content, level, delivery style, costs, qualification, entry requirements, support available, etc.
  • At Induction, either formal or on day one of learning providing key information and advice related to the programme and to the learning contract
  • In-Learning via feedback to learner, monthly and end of course progress reviews and advice on learner support available, including possible progression routes.
  • Post-Learning via final progress review, exit interview and learner questionnaire to
    identify further learning opportunities.
    At any time, referral to other agencies and training providers, working in partnership to provide for advice on careers, work and learning that may be outside the scope of what eduk8 Partnership is able to provide.

Our IAG Commitment

The eduk8 Partnership IAG team are qualified and skilled, knowledgeable in adult learning and the sectors we specialise within. We are:

  • Proud of our Matrix IAG Quality Mark, we ensure our IAG services meet the standards of this framework and work towards maintaining the standard.
  • Able to offer impartial and unbiased information, advice and guidance on all options open to learners. We will not promote one option over another.
  • Able to maintain confidentiality, personal details will only be used to help Learners move forward and with consent. Interviews will be offered in a private setting.
  • Always centred upon the individual need, offering Equality of Opportunity. 

This underpins all aspects of provision. Learners will receive information, advice and guidance to help them realise their full potential, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or race.

  • Transparent, the guidance process and what to expect will be clearly explained.
  • Accessible, our service will strive to be accessible to all eligible users, with drop-in sessions at our Head Office and off-site appointments made to match learner availability.
  • In the event of an adviser being unavailable for an appointment every effort will be made to contact to cancel.
  • Information requested will be sent out within 5 working days.

To meet our commitment eduk8 Partnership staff will:

  • Establish effective communication with learners and potential learners.
  • Identify & supply information requested by learners and potential learners.
  • Assist learners and potential learners to clarify their requirements.
  • Maintain and update their knowledge of available learning options, so they can identify a range of options for achieving learner requirements.
  • Enable learners and potential learners to select a course of action.
  • Maintain and improve information materials.

Who can access the service?

• Services are available to potential and current learners at various stages including pre-entry, on programme, and post-programme.

The service is available as:

  • Individual appointments, in person, by telephone and online e.g. Zoom or Teams
  • Group sessions and talks in person and online e.g. Zoom or Teams
  • Telephone / e-mail enquiries
  • Attendance at external events where appropriate


We liaise with relevant agencies and organisations, signpost or advocate on your behalf and research information as appropriate. When referrals to other organisations are made, Learner consent will always be sought.


All individual interviews and group sessions are evaluated by using a short questionnaire. Evaluations are discussed at staff meetings and actions taken when appropriate.

What we ask of Learners

To get the most from interactions, interviews and reviews, Learners should prepare by bringing any relevant information.
If Learners are unable to attend an appointment, they are asked to let us know in advance.

Learner’s careers are their own responsibility, we can give advice and guidance, but we will not make decisions for them.